4 Essential Steps to Finding Meaning in Your Work Cover

4 Essential Steps to Finding Meaning in Your Work

You know that feeling inside that causes your stomach to turn?

The battle within says something like, “Things aren’t so bad.” Or conversely, “There must be something better than this.” Oftentimes after that self-doubt or inertia sets in and we stay in the same work environment. If you are one of the people who feel this way and know what I mean – I completely get you.

I reinvented myself from a young girl who grew up in a chaotic home to a global project manager at American Express. In 2005, I founded a multi-million-dollar management consulting company which now has three brands (Metaspire Consulting, Business Coaching on Demand and Super Leadership Teams).

In 2010, after my mom passed away, I went on a quest to find out who had a meaningful AND prosperous day to day work life. It’s not enough to have meaningful work without prosperity and visa-versa. So, I interviewed top business leaders and captured what they said in my best-selling book “Every Day is Friday: The ACTT Blueprint for Leaders and Entrepreneurs” because I knew that would be a contribution to the greater good of those around me.

Here’s what I found for the 4 essentials steps to finding meaning in your work, they are:

  1. Be fully Aligned – This means that your purpose as a leader matches who the world sees, hears and knows you to be. How aligned are your company values with your behaviors? Does your profession or business model align with your strengths (or SuperPowers)? You can be more engaged at work and feel a greater sense of purpose when you’re aware of your positive impact on those around you.
  2. Have a solid Crew. A Crew are people in your life who are 100% committed to your success and you are also 100% committed to their success. I have one client that calls a few people he works with “Foxhole Buddies”.  Can you 100% rely on 3-5 friends at work or in your personal life now? That’s one way to have everyone engaged at work- create a sense of community and a positive work environment will follow.
  3. Make time for Transformation to occur. It’s hard to be strategic and make good decisions when we lack work life balance. How committed are you to spending time to create meaning and prosperity? Create space to think differently in your day. Perhaps commit to working with a coach or mastermind group. No new information can come in if you are too busy operating in an old way of thinking.
  4. Have a solid Transition Plan. Every business and every career at some point will change. Do you have a clear transition plan? If you don’t have a clear plan someone else will decide your plan for you. In addition to thinking through your end game remember, most people underestimate what they can do in a year when they don’t have a 90-day plan. Once you have a clear quarterly plan in place, you can rely on your Crew to help you when you get off track. Most importantly you can find fun ways to celebrate with your Crew.

Today, when my stomach starts to turn, I get my ACTT together by Align myself with my purpose, my Crew and remember my commitment to Transformation so that I can have a clear Transition plan.

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We are the first certified, women-owned management consulting company in South Florida that integrates the qualitative principles of Culture Change and Co-Active Leadership Coaching, with the quantitative rigor of Process Consulting and Strategic Planning.

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Everyone deserves a meaningful AND prosperous career and life.

Let’s start making that happen together, today.

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