Testimonials – Executive Leadership Coaching

“Nina is a powerful executive coach, and has really helped me determine my future career path and helped map out how I will get there.”
D.E., Medicinal Chemist
“Nina Segura is a very talented coach! She has an in-depth knowledge of the techniques of co-active coaching plus an intuitive ability to hone in on what is really going on. She is awesome and amazing…..And lots of fun to be around!”
D.M., Human Engineering NASA
“I was impressed that Nina took full responsibility; not as a contractor or temporary help. She put in the time and effort above what was expected of a coach or trainer, staying late or starting meeting early, if necessary. She made the relationship easy by developing a good rapport with both the client and employees.”
S. L., Organizational Development Kaplan, Inc.
“Nina’s methods of co-active executive coaching put some of the unknowns into focus for me. Her nurturing yet challenging style had me being and moving forward in my best interest within the first session.”
J.R., COO ABB Optical Group
“Very knowledgeable, very caring; brings out your inner leader. And, Nina works to help you make that leader present in all aspects of your life!”
D.D., Sales Manager
“Nina has a unique coaching intuitive style, her unwavering commitment and openness always brought clarity and sharpened my focus so my actions flow naturally from within. What a joy to get such a connection and get closer to who you really are, thank NINA.”
A.K., Regional Channel Program and Sales Management Hewlett Packard.
“Nina is more than just very bright and in possession of a rich array of content knowledge and tools; she draws upon a powerful intuition that enables her to ask pointed questions and show the way forward strategically. Plus, she can be very warm and funny!”
M.S., Co-Founder of Art of the Future
“Calm, positive and focused! Nina asks great questions that help me embody a place of change.”
D.E., Physician
“Nina coached me through a difficult job transition a few years ago. She displayed an uncanny ability to bring clarity to my own thoughts. Through her probing and exercises, I was able to distill what I wanted to do, and what I needed to do in terms of a career, and that knowledge brought my confusion and stress to a manageable level.

Nina uses her business background in analysis, change management and process thinking and applies it to life situations – where you are, where you want to be, and how best to get there. Her focus on the “getting there” is to use your own resources and creativity. It’s difficult to find an ally who will both support you and challenge you. Nina does both in a friendly and professional manner…”

M.B.Land O'Lakes Process Manager

Testimonials – Training

“I was impressed that Metaspire Trainers took full responsibility; not as a contractor or temporary help. They put in time and effort above what was expected of a coach or trainer, staying late or starting meeting early, if necessary. They made the relationship easy by developing a good rapport with both the client and employees.”
S. L., Director, Organizational Development Kaplan, Inc.
“Metaspire helped us understand how to segment various aspects of our business in order to make a necessary transition. We are indebted to Metaspire.”
Kelly Gibson ESQ Gibson & Gibson Law
“Within the first two weeks of their training we were able to recoup over 3.5 times the entire cost of the training program. There was no disruption of our practice even as we instituted the new and effective tools that are helping us to see not only great cost savings but also more patient referrals, happier staff members and an increased top line …”
Barry Concool, MD - Former President and Chief LASIK Surgeon of Las Olas Laser Eye Center
“Metaspire trainers provided the informed, fresh set of eyes that I needed to look objectively at the future of my business.”
N.G., President VisionTap, Inc.

Testimonials – Small Business / Entreprenuer Coaching

“As an entrepreneur and business owner, I really valued how the Nina was able to help me see how my business and personal qualities are integrated; I learned how frequently improvement in one area resulted in the betterment of the other. For my personal preference, I felt that Nina struck the perfect balance between being progressive and thinking outside the box, while still leveraging the practicality that her corporate background lent to the situation. Nina is encouraging and compassionate, but also didn’t shy away from challenging me when I needed to be held accountable to myself. I recommend contacting Nina for a sample session and you can see for yourself whether she is the right fit for you. Highly recommended!”
J.R., of Jay Rooke Coaching
“Nina is a rarity in the coaching life coaching profession. She brings years of consulting experience and understanding of what it takes to make a business successful, and combines those with a deep passion for living life full out. If you want to play a big game in business and in life, she’s your coach!”
M.B., Director of Corporate Potential Grappone Automotive Inc.
“Metaspire coaching provided the informed, fresh set of eyes that I needed to look objectively at the future of my business.”
N.G., President VisionTap, Inc.
“Nina is a top-notch life and small business coach, not to mention a warm and inspirational person! She will motivate you and help you come to realizations about your life that were always there, but were buried in places you never thought of looking; bringing you to a place where you can let go of things that held you down and quantum leap into the life you were meant to have! We highly recommend Metaspire Coaching!”
K.P., Co-Founder & Manager WEEP
“Nina is a fantastic life coach. She strikes a balance, not between compassion and courage (which includes only some of each), but that INCLUDES all of the compassion AND courage needed to provide good coaching. Her warm heart, keen intellect and business savvy have been so helpful to me in both my personal life and my business life.”
S.T., Business Development Coach
“Nina is a powerful life and entrepreneur coach. Her professional background paired with her capacity to listen, her courage to use her intuition and her clarity to help her clients take a look at their lives, their goals, their dreams makes Nina a coach that will support you in designing and stepping into the life you’ve always dreamed of. I’m grateful for having Nina as my coach.”
D.H., Executive Coach, Motivational Speaker

Testimonials – Life & Career Coaching

Nina was my coach from 2013 to 2014. I found her to be a highly intuitive life coach which makes her uniquely qualified to help you identify and bring out your true qualities. She is a terrific listener who can interpret your thoughts, feelings and ideas and not only helps reveal your core values and who you are but helps you relate that to what you would be good at what you would like to do most. She helps build your confidence and inspires you to create goals and the desire to achieve them. She not only allows you to see your authentic self but with that helps you develop goals and plan for your life. Thank you Nina for helping me remember who I am and what I want from life.
D.F., American Express
“I am so thankful I took a leap of faith investing in my own career and life by allowing Nina to coach me. I got my power back and my life is on a much better track now. The life coaching Nina has helped me with would have taken me 2 years if ever to figure out on my own. Not to mention all the frustration I did not have to endure having a loving, gentle, assertive and understanding person guiding me back on the road to success. I cant thank you enough for your career choice in coaching and helping people. I will forever be grateful.”
S.J., Norwegian Airlines
“One of the things I most enjoy about working with Nina is the sincere excitement with which she embraces my ideas and shares my passion. From the moment I expressed to her my desire to transform my professional life into meaningful work that expressed my deepest values, Nina has been right there as an enthusiastic and trusted teammate. No matter where my journey finds me from week to week, Nina is able to adapt her approach to my inner and outer landscape with active listening and insightful feedback. She uses short, effective “homework” assignments that assist me in better understanding the dynamics at work in all aspects of my life and that help me refine my vision and aspirations, as well as guided visualization exercises that help me re-locate the path of authentic self in moments of confusion. And that’s to say nothing of her open, friendly candor and the from-the-heart encouragement and unflappable optimism that make time spent working with Nina not just profitable, but enjoyable and uplifting as well. I can’t recommend Nina Segura highly enough to anyone who is ready to effect positive change in their life and seeks a helpful guide, teammate, and friend on the journey.”
T.T. Lead Software Engineer