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Thinking is the place where intelligent actions begin. We pause long enough to look more carefully at a situation, to see more of its character, to think about why it’s happening, to notice how it’s affecting us and others.” — Margaret J. Wheatley

  • Need to influence your board of directors or collaborate with colleagues?
  • In the midst of change and need time to think?
  • Ready to go to that next level of leadership?
  • Need to reassess or refresh?
  • Wanting a Plan B?

Executives may search far and wide for ways to transform their company; however, what they might really need is an objective and qualified Executive Coach.  After all, there are only so many options for change that an executive team can implement without reaching inside themselves for the answers.

Many studies have shown significant return on executive coaching investments. The Manchester Review cites for every $1 invested in executive coaching a $5.45 Return on Investment (ROI) was realized.  Although results are different for every client, a qualified Executive Coach and solid coaching programs such as Metaspire’s Co-Active Coaching method have the ability to support an executives natural instinct to perform well while avoiding the costs of recruiting a new executive or the disruption and learning curve of bringing a new executive on board. Typical outcomes of the coaching process include:

  • Higher capabilities in existing leadership skills
  • Stronger resiliency and improved ability to make great decisions under pressure
  • Effective work-life balance
  • Increased leadership skills
  • Reduction in stress and conflict

We use a 5 step coaching approach for you to engage your inner leader. We are Certified Professional Co-Active Coaches and have over 20 years of experience partnering with executives and leaders within Fortune 500 companies such as American Express, JPMorgan Chase, HP, and BCBS. Also our clients can ask for consulting support in the following areas:

  • Communication and Cultural Change plans for Transformation efforts
  • Organizational Development
  • Global Strategic Planning
  • Management Consulting
  • Business Process Improvement
  • Lean Six Sigma Support

Often employees build their jobs around existing organizational patterns.  In fact, patterns may make the workday seem predictable and appear efficient.  However, it is beneficial for a company to consider why managers and employees are organized in specific reporting relationships and if work routines have been built around the most valuable parts of those relationships.

at metaspire, we believe that all people are naturally creative, resourceful and whole

Metaspire Co-Active Executive Coaches are certified through the International Coaching Federation (ICF) most of them holding masters degrees or higher. Our Executive Coaches partner with Executive Coaching Clients in order to cultivate forward positive actions embrace successful results, and sustain life-changing behavior in their lives and careers.

In our Executive Leadership Coaching sessions, our clients (executives, managers or small business owners) cultivate stronger leadership skills such as intuitive decision making which contributes more intentionally and powerfully to effective results. When executives are ready to move their company forward with their unique and special talents, it is time to seek Metaspire Coaching headquartered in Boca Raton, Florida, a leading executive coaching firm.

Metaspire leverages the Co-Active (“Co-” meaning fully living in your life purpose and “Active” meaning focused forward movement) coaching model, which helps executives and managers enrich their leadership skills. This form of executive coaching empowers executives to choose better strategies for positive change based on engaging the executive’s inner sense of knowing. Co-Active Executive Coaching supports clients’ choices to collaborate and organize a sensible change management process.

Metaspire’s Executive Co-Active Coaches are very aware of confidentiality and time sensitivities that executives face, so we are very understanding about business constraints and deliverables. Our Coaching Packages are customized to meet your needs. Two of our Executive Leadership Coaching Packages are listed below:

  • Executive Coaching /Leadership Coaching – Platinum Package
    • Executive Coaching Resource Binder
    • 360 degree Feedback Assessment and reporting (optional)
    • Leadership Assessment based on company/department goals and objectives
    • One full day of job shadowing
    • Eighteen coaching sessions
    • Six months of unlimited email support for six months
    • Goal Setting and Personal Development Action Plan
    • One 20-minute coaching call for a colleague
  • Executive Coaching / Leadership Coaching – Gold Package
    • Executive Coaching Resource Binder
    • Leadership assessment based on company/department Goals and Objectives
    • Twelve coaching sessions
    • Six months of unlimited email support for six months
    • Goal Setting and Personal Development Action Plan
    • One 20-minute coaching call for a colleague

We customize your Coaching Sessions to meet your needs. Your coach will hold your goals and vision for you and use his/her training and experience to support you in reaching them. Learn more about the top leadership development skills most CEOs believe that they need.

We would love to help you explore your next steps; whatever you choose, we know you will make the right decision for yourself.  Contact Us

Still not sure that coaching might benefit you?

“My Metaspire coach’s proven methods of Co-Active executive coaching put some of the unknowns into focus for me. Her nurturing yet challenging style had me being and moving forward in my best interest within the first session.” J.R., COO ABB Optical Group

‘…Nina has demonstrated superb organizational skills as well as astute coaching dynamics concerning issues, problem solution, conflict resolution. She constantly pushes the envelop, always try’s another way until success is attained, is creative and innovative in her idea generation and applies critical and strategic thinking to all situations…” D.K., PhD., Council Member Society for Organizational Learning N.A.

“As a business leader, I always have Metaspire and Nina at the top of my mind, when I need clarity and alignment, helping me become a better leader, and build my own dream team. I have recently participated on her Mastermind Program, and could not more satisfied with the results obtained.” J.L.N. Director AXP Deployment, American Express

Nina is more than just very bright and in possession of a rich array of content knowledge and tools; she draws upon a powerful intuition that enables her to ask pointed questions and show the way forward strategically. Plus, she can be very warm and funny!” M.S., Co-Founder of Art of the Future

“Nina Segura is a very talented coach! She has an in-depth knowledge of the techniques of co-active coaching plus an intuitive ability to hone in on what is really going on. She is awesome and amazing…..And lots of fun to be around!” D.M., Human Engineering NASA

“Nina is a powerful executive coach, and has really helped me determine my future career path and helped map out how I will get there.” D.E., Medicinal Chemist

“Nina has a unique coaching intuitive style, her unwavering commitment and openness always brought clarity and sharpened my focus so my actions flow naturally from within. What a joy to get such a connection and get closer to who you really are, thank NINA.” A.K., Regional Channel Program and Sales Management Hewlett Packard

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Considered a bit unorthodox at first, great ideas start when you can wiggle your toes and have the freedom to think. Get cozy. Our personal philosophy is that if you already spend a large part of your life at the workplace.