Small Business Coaching

“Do not worry if you have built your castles in the air. They are where they should be. Now put the foundations under them.” – – Henry David Thoreau

Many people have the dream of founding and operating their own business. They envision unshackling themselves from the drudgery of working so hard for another person’s bottom line. They imagine all the ways they will be innovative to satisfy their future customers.

Such passion can benefit every entrepreneur, but passion isn’t all one needs to succeed in the dynamic business environment. What can help you get over the proverbial hurdle and execute your business plan is a business coaching package from Business Coaching on Demand. Nina Segura founder of Metaspire and Business Coaching on Demand along with her well-trained coaches will help you develop whether you are in a new or established small business. Below is a note from her to you!

“If you’re reading this you are starting a business or manage a business that you care very much about. Although I was raised with little material or emotional wealth, I founded Business Coaching on Demand and made millions of dollars in revenue. Trust me, I understand the ups and downs of entrepreneurship. My clients are often inspired to tackle tough challenges generating superior results because I know how to support them.”

In the Business Coaching on Demand Business Coaches’ way of thinking, small business coaching is highly personalized to the needs for any of those in the following categories: Entrepreneurs – Start-up Companies, Owners or Managers of small companies or Home Businesses. Wherever you stand professionally in your business path, Nina and her small business coaching team can help you.

Here are some services Business Coaching on Demand offers to valued business coaching clients:

  1. Evaluation of existing business strategies – Business Coaching on Demand Business Coaches review your existing business plan, marketing plan, and/or networking plan. They suggest ways to tighten up these plans or rewrite them to be more suitable for the current market.
  2. Personal coaching for busy entrepreneurs – Coaches help you assess your leadership style and your life purpose, define your professional and personal values, develop and perfect a stump speech, and practice work-life balance exercises. You can attract business success by developing effective life-giving habits.
  3. Action planning – Your business coach will help you clarify your own “values based goals” and Personal Development Action Plan.
  4. A popular bonus feature is one 20-minute coaching call for a colleague. It’s fun to share your excitement about business coaching with someone you know who could really benefit from professional coaching.
  5. Small Business Coaching includes 12 sessions at your convenience over a 6-month period. You also receive 6 months of unlimited email support.

Business Coaching on Demand Small Business Co-Active Coaches are highly intuitive and are trained by The Coaches Training Institute (CTI) and certified through the ICF (International Coaching Federation). We are certified and mature professionals with a myriad of strategies to fit your business. When needed, our staff also consults and shares business expertise, including Business Process Improvement, Lean Six Sigma and Organizational Development – Culture Change Management methodologies.

Still not sure that coaching might benefit you?

  • Many studies have shown significant return on executive coaching investments. The Manchester Review cites for every $1 invested in executive coaching a $5.45 Return on Investment (ROI) was realized.  Maximizing the Impact of Executive Coaching The Manchester Review 2001 Volume 6 Number 1
  • The Realities of Executive Coaching –HARVARD BUSINESS REVIEW, January, 2009
  • “Many of the world’s most admired corporations, from GE to Goldman Sachs, invest in coaching.” -HARVARD BUSINESS REVIEW, Nov. 2004

Read what some of our small business coaching clients have to say:

“As an entrepreneur and business owner, I really valued how Nina was able to help me see how my business and personal qualities are integrated; I learned how frequently improvement in one area resulted in the betterment of the other. For my personal preference, I felt that Nina struck the perfect balance between being progressive and thinking outside the box, while still leveraging the practicality that her corporate background lent to the situation. Nina is encouraging and compassionate, but also didn’t shy away from challenging me when I needed to be held accountable to myself. I recommend contacting Nina for a sample session and you can see for yourself whether she is the right fit for you. Highly recommended!” J.R., of Jay Rooke Coaching

“My BCOD coach is a rarity in the coaching profession. She brings years of consulting experience and understanding of what it takes to make a business successful, and combines those with a deep passion for living life full out. If you want to play a big game in business and in life, she’s your coach!” — M.B., Director of Corporate Potential Grappone Auto Group

What Our Customers Say …

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Considered a bit unorthodox at first, great ideas start when you can wiggle your toes and have the freedom to think. Get cozy. Our personal philosophy is that if you already spend a large part of your life at the workplace.