What is Masterminding (Executive Roundtable)?

Benefits of Mastermind Groups include:

  • Instant and honest feedback on challenges you may be facing
  • Group brainstorming and experience sharing in support of the opportunities available to you
  • A trusted network that wants you to succeed
  • Accountability partners and challenge buddies that push you to the next level
  • Structured time to think clearly in an objective environment
  • A facilitated, productive discussion that yields results

Masterminding (Executive Roundtable) Commitments

Masterminding is right for you when you are ready to declare the following:

  • I am ready to make a commitment of time, money, and energy in my own development
  • I am capable of participating in rigorously honest self-appraisal
  • I am capable of trusting another person enough to talk candidly about my weaknesses and mistakes
  • I am humble enough to realize that another person can assist me to become more effective
  • I am willing and able to devote the necessary time and effort to do my work
  • I want to improve, not because someone else (my boss, my spouse, my colleague) wants me to change

Masterminding (Executive Roundtable) Outcomes Include:

  • Access to business and leadership best practices from other successful leaders
  • When creating solutions for the business, participants will be able to bounce ideas off of this group, ensuring that the one that is brought to their leader will be more effective
  • Increased executive presence giving you the confidence that you’ve made the right decisions and are taking the right actions to achieve your goals
  • Accountability and progress in your personal and professional

“The significant problems we face cannot be resolved at the same level of thinking we were at when we created them.”  — Albert Einstein

The ‘Every is Friday’ Mastermind Groups are  for:

  • Super Business Owners
  • Super Leaders of Teams

Who Want:

  • Leadership development to make the “jump” from putting out fires to successfully leading with grace and
  • A strategic roadmap for your next steps rather than leaving it to someone else or another time.
  • Encouraged collaboration and accomplishment through leveraging resources, instead of being the bottleneck and doing it all yourself.
  • Be more productive and focused at work.
  • Gain the confidential objective support of other Super Leaders AND Nina to make Every Day feel meaningful and prosperous – just like a Friday for you!

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What Others Say about our Mastermind Groups …

“Individuals throw out a challenge they are facing and everyone pitches in with solutions. The emphasis is not to judge or question why a problem exists, but rather to gain some other perspectives about how to solve it. It shows how everyone can work together for the greater good and yet also work on their own evolution.”
Steve Daley, CEO RadKIDS Inc.
“From my first introduction to the program, I found that providing honest feedback and helping others built confidence in my own skills and value proposition.
Perhaps the biggest “A-Ha” moment for me was the fact that my tendency to be humble was interfering with my progress. That honest feedback kept coming in my direction until I finally heard it. We must all brand ourselves and ours skills, we must sell ourselves to those who will be able to promote us or invite us to the next professional opportunity.”
Eron Cummings, VP Kaplan University
“Initially, I wasn’t even thinking about getting a coach for myself. The community, including the participants and Nina (along with other subject matter experts), had such a huge impact. I expected people to come together and help each other but I didn’t expect the level of commitment and caring in the group. Not just with ideas, but with actions like taking the time to meet with me individually outside of the group just because they wanted to help.”
Michael Sabbag , OD Executive Sixt

Want to know more about Mastermind Groups?

Considered a bit unorthodox at first, great ideas start when you can wiggle your toes and have the freedom to think. Get cozy. Our personal philosophy is that if you already spend a large part of your life at the workplace.