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Executive Coaching

Executives may search far and wide for ways to transform their company; however, what they might really need is an objective and qualified Executive Coach. After all, there are only so many options for change that an executive team can implement without reaching inside themselves for the answers. Many studies have shown significant return on executive coaching investments. Our Coaching Packages are customized to meet individual needs.


Leadership Development

This program is tailored to meet the needs of C-Level leaders, Company Founders and those who lead teams in a business, nonprofit, or government organizations at the top, or any layer of management. In any organization, the ability for everyone to collaborate, gain momentum, and achieve common goals will depend strongly on leadership capacity. Let’s take your Leadership to the next level together!


Small Business Coaching

Are you one of the many people have the dream of founding and operating their own business? Our Coaching is highly personalized to the needs for any of those in the following categories: Entrepreneurs – Start-up Companies, Owners or Managers of small companies or Home Businesses. Wherever you stand professionally in your business path, our small business coaching team can help you. 


Welcome to our community! Over the years, I’ve invested millions of dollars growing a business with the highest level of integrity while leveraging the most innovative business techniques. Although I don’t regret my investments, I wish there was simply one place that I could go, instead of the multiple experiences I had to go through, some very unpleasant, in order to quickly know exactly what I needed to do. Many years of experience and several mistakes later, I see how important it is to enjoy creating our life’s purpose. There are many business leaders who have a prosperous AND meaningful work-life, and I have humbly accepted that I am finally living in that world! I have attained this balance by learning and practicing what really matters within a trusting, experienced, diverse group. Part of my journey has always involved putting the right people around me to support my continuous growth and development. Seriously, when we are happy at our company we are happier everywhere. Your happiness matters the most! Although I am known as a practical transformation expert, I recognize that I can’t create transformation on my own. There is a magic in participating in mastermind groups that no one can describe. My approach to helping you succeed is about combining an individual coaching experience with the support of a mastermind (Executive Roundtable) network. With your commitment and our crew, your journey can be a life changing experience. Take a moment and explore the possibilities with me. I invite you to join us by simply clicking below and I will personally respond to you and walk you through the first step – your personal strategy session. Join us and learn more about you!

Nina Segura, Creator of Business Coaching On Demand

Our Promise

You will get the tools and support you need to reach your professional goals. Contact Details 7100 W. Camino Real, suite 302 Boca Raton, Florida 33433 Email: Email Us Phone: 1 (866) 630-6334

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Business Coaching On Demand

About us in short

Business Coaching On Demand by Metaspire LLC. has one mission:  provide business leaders with the inspiration and information to be more fulfilled and productive at work.

 Metaspire Consulting

We are a boutique consulting firm in South Florida serving Corporate Business Leaders nationwide. Metaspire is the only holistic management consulting company with an inter-disciplinary approach that leverages Business Process Architecture, Re-engineering and Six Sigma with Organizational Development principles.


Are you ready to take yourself to the next level?

Do you wake up with a better idea for your work-life than you currently are experiencing? Are you ready to engage in thought provoking discussions and take a solid course of action? We are experienced coaches and mentors that provide leadership programs for Business Leaders, including business coaching, planning and consulting. Join us and we will get to the next level faster than you could ever do alone.


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