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The DiSC® Profile is a learning instrument designed to help people develop a deeper understanding of themselves and their relationships.  This four quadrant behavioral personality profile helps participants understand to what degree they utilize each style; “D” for Dominant, “i” for Influence, “S” for Steadiness and “C” for Compliant, based on various situations.

DiSC363® is a 360° feedback mechanism based on DiSC model and collective leadership experts. It pulls together both qualitative and quantitative data that provides leaders with personal strategies to expand their leadership skills.

Both instruments provide feedback designed to help participants develop an action plan towards more effective leadership skills thereby resulting in more productive teams. Further both assessments are often used to develop organizational, business and employee competencies in the areas of:

  • Change and Transition Management
  • Communication and Feedback Skills
  • Teamwork
  • Stress Management

Inscape Publishing, is the leading provider of instrument-based learning systems and pioneered the original DiSC® learning instrument over three decades ago. Today, we use their products as they continue to create and innovative products and services that engage, inspire, and empower individuals and organizations. Available in 25 languages in more than 50 countries, over one million people each year use Inscape’s learning resources to gain insight into their attitudes, behaviors, and potential in the workplace.

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