Co-active Multi-Dimensional Leadership


Busy professionals or teams of professionals who want to have a stronger, more positive impact in their work and personal life.


This highly interactive leadership effectiveness course explores the five dimensions of Co-Active Leadership: Leader from Within, Leader from the Front, Leader from Behind, Leader from Beside and Leader from the Field. Participants will have a stronger understanding of how they co-create their world, explore their own multidimensionality as a leader and consciously choose the impact they want to create. To sustain growth, this course also can also include 6-week virtual group coaching.


  • By taking this course, participants will explore their own leadership approach and it’s impact on others.
  • Understand how to use the “Dimensional Leadership Model” for a stronger more positive impact on clients, businesses, and personal relationships.
  • Explore the meaning and practice of holding “Brilliant Conversations” that invite a We approach to problem-solving.
  • Notice which dimensions of leadership are most beneficial to use in various personal and professional situations.

If participants are part of an existing team, they will work on a pressing goal; project or initiative. Finally, learners will be able to build stronger personal and professional relationships.

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