Nina, you have the same SuperPower style as Professor X, Aung San Suu Kyi, Maya Angelou, Stan Lee, Martin Luther King Jr., Richard Branson and other Visionary Leaders.

Your Leadership SuperPowers™: Nina, you inspire others towards a vibrant vision. You may often see something you thought of years ago now on the market. Typically, you work best in a flexible environment although you may find it hard to complete something without a firm deadline. You can be either introverted or extroverted based on your latest intuitive hit!

Team Impact: Your SuperPower is most effective when a new direction or out of the box thinking is needed. Inspire others through a team builder all your own! Nina, you may prefer for others to figure out the details, so you may want to team up with a Logical SuperPower to help you plot out all the details!

How to Cultivate Your SuperPowers: Try to find creativity in the work you have now without having to create everything from scratch. It may be a challenge to be patient when you can see exactly what needs to be done. Your creativity is a great example of using your intuition; help others get in touch with their own! Nina – you are an idea maker, so it may be challenging to execute something that wasn’t your own idea. Also, ask for boundaries to be outlined, as your SuperPower may tend to over-create and forget important deadlines.


Jeff, you have the same SuperPower style as Iron Man, Bat Man, Peter Senge, Marissa Ann Mayer and other Systemic Leaders.

Your Leadership SuperPowers™: You may love to optimize systems and methods to improve results. You likely take in many details and clearly articulate new paths to success. You may work best in highly ambiguous lines of business. Your first reaction to problem solving may often be organizing the information. Your SuperPower is very useful in the face of mergers or acquisitions. You may be better at creating systems than creating tactical plans. Your SuperPower typically excels doing strategic work.

Team Impact: You probably work best when you can create your own system or follow a clear methodology or approach. Your team needs you to support them with effective processes, so make sure others know they can ask for your input in these areas. When there is a need to create a new system, or change an old one, team up with the Visionary Leader so that they can help you inspire others to see the value of the change.

How to Cultivate Your SuperPowers: You may not trust your intuition unless it is in an area of expertise or backed by facts. Try reverse-engineering to increase your intuition. Think about how you felt before making a failed decision, then figure out how you can listen to yourself better in the future.

You may feel vulnerable when operating outside of a system you didn’t build yourself. This may create discomfort and defensiveness. When others ask you to operate outside of your own approach, try acknowledging that you are out of your comfort zone. Ask a trusted leader or mentor to share a time when they were out of their comfort zone.


Susan, you have the same SuperPower style as Meryl Streep, Elastigirl, Gamora, Spiderman, Chanel, the Dalai Lama and other Flexible Leaders.

Your Leadership SuperPowers™: Your SuperPower provides you with the ability to adapt your leadership style based on the needs of the situation. You can often reach high goals because you have the willingness and know how to take on whatever role is needed. You may have many loyal fans due to your ability to stay positive and encourage the talent of others. Your SuperPower understands how best to adapt style and behaviors to increase results.

Team Impact: You may reflexively act as the go to person for your Team. Your timing and intuition are typically impeccable. Just make sure to check your assumptions. When you need to remember the big picture seek out a Visionary SuperPower! You may not mind what part you play if everyone is either getting along or the goal is met. However, it’s okay to say the word NO. Team up with a Directive SuperPower when you need the words to ask for additional resources.

How to Cultivate Your SuperPowers: You probably love to learn and help others, so encourage others to know when to share their intuition appropriately. You may be filled with humility and may not even be aware of the value that you bring to the team. Increase your ability to be vulnerable by asking for help when you need it and saying no when you need to take care of yourself.