Alice Hage, MA, CHPC
High Performance Coach
Strategic Catalyst for Advancement
Amplifying Impact & Empowering High

Alice Hage, MA, CHPC
High Performance Coach | Strategic Catalyst for Advancement
Amplifying Impact & Empowering High Performance

Alice is a versatile and innovative leader with expertise spanning from start-ups to international corporations. Alice’s entrepreneurial spirit is complemented with corporate understanding and a passion for success with extensive and diverse experience in high performance, strategy, marketing, relationship management, business development, strategic customer engagements and coaching.

A trusted partner to amplify impact and enhance performance.

A business savvy marketing strategist and connector, Alice creates experiences that inspire. She serves as a strategic catalyst in strengthening visions, commitments and goals to accelerate success. As a strategist Alice guides clients to the next advanced level of success. She advises high-achieving individuals, executives and entrepreneurs who want an independent sounding board and unbiased perspectives for their success, as well as Company Advisory Boards to support their executive leadership teams.

She brings a superb combination of professionalism, strategic thinking, client focus and operational excellence. Her unique perspective and personality have been the stimulus towards her success. As a versatile and accomplished influencer, she developed a solid reputation working with a diverse range of companies such as Cisco, Intel, JP Morgan, Johnson & Johnson, Comcast, AT&T, Time Warner and Verizon to name a few. During her 11 year tenure at Cisco, Alice received an Achievement Award in recognition of her outstanding support and contributions.
Alice is also a Certified High Performance Coach™, trained by Brendon Burchard and certified thru The High Performance Institute. As 1 of only 300 Certified High Performance Coaches™ in the world, she guides individuals and teams to advance further than they have before- beyond the norm of their typical results and experiences while ensuring they continuously grow and succeed.

Alice holds a Masters from Lesley University and Bachelor of Arts in Business and Sociology from Gordon College. In addition to her High Performance certification, she has also completed an extensive certified Co-Active coaching program from The Coaches Institute.

Years of Service: Over 20 yrs of combined strategy, marketing, consulting and coaching.

Certifications: Certified High Performance Coach™, Co-Active Coaching

Utilization – Advisory Boards, Entrepreneurs, Management Teams, High Achievers, Game Changers . What do you all my clients have in common? They’re innovators, game changers and high achievers who have focus, take decisive actions, and engage expert advisors and coaches to guide them to the next level of success.

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