Life Coaching

“Follow your bliss and the universe will open doors where there were only walls.” — Joseph Campbell

Metaspire is a life coaching company headquartered in Boca Raton, Florida and serves clients nationwide. We offer holistic coaching through a valuable combination of coaching services to support our clients’ highest personal and professional potential.

Metaspire coaches use a “Co-Active” coaching approach. “Co” signifies purposefully living one’s life to the fullest and “Active” signifies positive forward movement. Metaspire Co-Active life coaches offer clients a safe and objective relationship that supports clients in living their values, goals, and dreams. There are a few questions life coaching clients typically consider:

What do Life Coaches do?
Life coaches support the personal and professional development of their clients based on the human potential model.  We build relationships with clients through a collaborative designed alliance. In the first one-to-one conversation, a coach works with a client to establish common ground rules and to set mutual expectations. Next, the coach helps the client with self-discovery, including assessing and analyzing present and future needs. In the third step, life coaching clients formulate a values-based plan for achieving life giving goals. Finally, life coaches hold you accountable to celebrate your successes and what you’re learning.

Learning tools may include, but are not limited to, purposeful conversation, rehearsal and role-plays, meditation and visualization, supportive confrontation and inquiry, relevant reading, work and life analysis and strategic planning. Life management coaching questions might include:

  1. What do you really want? – What about that is important to you?
  2. Where are you stuck? – What is another way of looking at your current situation?
  3. How are you like the people you admire?
  4. Where do you give yourself permission to be? learn? grow?
  5. What is like for you to be successful?

What coaching is not:

There are five commonly used tools for improving human potential:  Coaching, Consulting, Training, Therapy, and Mentoring. There are important differences between them. A consultant is a subject expert who knows what should be done and is responsible for delivering on their scope of work. A trainer builds students’ knowledge and skills. A therapist is someone who involvesresolution of emotional, intrapersonal, and interpersonal issues. Finally, mentoring involves a developmental relationship with an individual who is more experienced in a certain area(s) and typically involves sharing advice.

How much does Life Coaching cost?
Our personal life coaches here in Boca Raton, Florida, support life dreams and goals in the areas of friends and family, romantic relationships, career, money, health, recreation and more. So when you consider the money you spend each month and the value you get for each expense versus how much it would be worth, if every area of your life improved, you would probably agree that the value of life coaching is priceless.  Accordingly, what life coaches really charge for is their expertise and time.

Who are typical clients of life coaching?
Primarily, ideal clients of life coaching are people who are clear what they want out of the coaching relationship and are committed to their own self-development. Often, our clients hire life coaches because they are:

  1. Ready for something new in their career, relationship, financial situation, or health
  2. Transitioning or exploring their readiness for something new
  3. Struggling with making a big decision
  4. Evaluating their own sense of purpose and life choices
  5. Finding the right balance between professional commitments and personal enjoyment
  6. Enhancing their sense of Spirituality, Creativity, and Intuition
  7. Increasing their leadership skills

Whatever your reason, we are interested in meeting and working with you.

What to Expect from Life Coaching

  • Youthful focus and energy
  • Leading life from your strengths
  • Greater awareness of opportunities
  • Healthier relationships
  • Advanced ability to collaborate and influence others
  • Improved work-life balance
  • Increased self-confidence leading to higher productivity
  • Reduction in stress and conflict
  • Structured time to think clearly in an objective environment
  • Increased self-awareness of the implications of limiting versus life giving ways of being and actions

We will ease your frustrations, lack of clarity, or whatever is troubling you by helping you find the right course. Because most coaching occurs on the phone, you won’t have to travel much. Get confidential life coaching from Metaspire life coaches headquartered in Florida, while traveling anywhere in the world. We value your business and will always be honest and objective as we maintain your trust and confidence.

Metaspire Life Co-Active Coaches are highly intuitive and are trained by The Coaches Training Institute (CTI) and certified through the International Coaching Federation (ICF). You can trust our certified, mature, and, when needed, business-savvy coaches.

Finally, Metaspire Life Coaches believe that everyone has within them a divine inner knowing, inner leader or an inner genius. Our intuitive life coaches support our clients with spiritual coaching as requested from our Florida-based operations center. We trust that you will know when it is time to hire a life coach. Although we customize your Coaching Sessions to meet your needs, click here to see some of our standard Coaching Packages.

Still not sure that coaching might benefit you?

“Very knowledgeable, very caring; brings out your inner leader. And, Nina works to help you make that leader present in all aspects of your life!” D.D., Sales Manager

“I am so thankful I took a leap of faith investing in my own career and life by allowing Nina to help me. I got my power back and my life is on a much better track now. The life coaching Nina has helped me with would have taken me 2 years if ever to figure out on my own.  Not to mention all the frustration I did not have to endure having a loving, gentle, assertive and understanding person guiding me back on the road to success. I cant thank you enough for your career choice in coaching and helping people. I will forever be grateful.”  — S.J., Flight Attendant

“Nina is a top-notch life coach, not to mention a warm and inspirational person! She will motivate you and help you come to realizations about your life that were always there, but were buried in places you never thought of looking; bringing you to a place where you can let go of things that held you down and quantum leap into the life you were meant to have! We highly recommend Metaspire Coaching!” K.P., Manager 

What Our Customers Say …

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Considered a bit unorthodox at first, great ideas start when you can wiggle your toes and have the freedom to think. Get cozy. Our personal philosophy is that if you already spend a large part of your life at the workplace.